White Pepper

White Pepper - Ameen white peppercorn - सफेद मिर्च - سفید مرچ - فلفل سفید -   الفلفل الأبيض - piper nigrum white pepper whole
White Pepper Nutrition Facts

White Pepper

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White pepper is derived from the same berries as black pepper. The fully ripened berries are first soaked in water, then fermented for a period of two weeks and subsequently hulled to give us the white peppercorns.

White pepper has a milder aroma than black pepper, while still maintaining a hot taste. It is used in much the same way as black pepper.

It is advised to only ground this pepper as you need it, so it can retain its flavour for much longer.

Also known as: white peppercorn - सफेद मिर्च - سفید مرچ - فلفل سفید - 

الفلفل الأبيض - piper nigrum

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