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Mastika - Originally from ancient Greece, and known as tears of Chiosafter the city it was first discovered in, Mastika is a natural resin from the mastic tree. The mastic tree has been harvested in Greece for 2,500 years. The first mention of mastic tear resin was by Hippocrates, and the Romans used it extensively for many things. During the height of Mastikas popularity in the trade routes, not only was this considered to be as fine and rare as gold, but the punishment for stealing it was execution.

Mastika can be used medicinally, as mouthwash, as a spice, and is important in cooking and baking. It can also be used as an alternative to chewing gum. In Turkey, it is used in Turkish delight. It can be added to ice cream, meringue and nougat. It has started to show up more and more in Japanese cuisine as well.

Mastika has a similar taste to pine.

Also known as: Mastic - Μαστίχα - المستيكا