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Amaranth, celebrated as an ancient grain, is a nutritional powerhouse prevalent in a variety of global cuisines. Tracing back to the Aztec era, amaranth's subtly nutty flavor and slightly crunchy texture when cooked contribute to its uniqueness. Its available forms, ranging from whole seeds to flour, render amaranth as a versatile ingredient with wide culinary applications. Moreover, its value extends beyond culinary uses into the realm of traditional medicine due to its alleged health-promoting attributes.

Within the kitchen, amaranth is a versatile player. It can serve as an effective thickener for soups and stews, while its cooked grains offer a delightful, slightly chewy addition to salads. The inclusion of amaranth flour in baked goods lends a distinctive, earthy flavor, and when popped, amaranth seeds become a light and nutritious snack. Beyond the culinary sphere, amaranth, known for its high protein, fiber, and micronutrient content, is also utilized as a dietary supplement. Thus, whether used as a grain, a flour, or a popped snack, amaranth's versatility and potential health benefits make it an excellent addition to any diet.

Botanical Name: Amaranthus

Also known as: pigweed, قطيفة, bush greens, callaloo, Chinese spinach, golden grain of the Gods, Indian spinach, Joseph's coat, yin-choi and love-lies-bleeding