Bisbas Yemani Spice

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Zhug or bisbas is a hot sauce originating in Yemeni cuisine. In other countries of the Arabian Peninsula, it is also called ma'booj.

Varieties in Yemen include sahawiq akhdar (green sahawiq), sahawiq ahmar (red sahawiq), and sahawiq bel-jiben (sahawiq with cheese, usually Yemeni cheese). Sahawiq is one of the main ingredients of saltah. Wazif (traditional Yemeni dried baby sardines) is sometimes added to the sahawiq's ingredients and it is known as sahawiq wazif.

In Israel, one can find skhug adom ("red zhug"), skhug yarok ("green zhug") and skhug khum ("brown zhug"), which has added tomatoes.[citation needed] Red zhug is made with red peppers while green zhug is made with green peppers, or jalapeños. Zhug may be referred to by the generic term harif. Also known as zhoug, it is a popular condiment at Israeli falafel and shawarma stands, and served with hummus.