Chasku Powder (Cassia Absus)

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Chasku Powder, also known as Cassia angustifolia or Indian senna, holds a significant place in traditional medicine and wellness practices, especially in Ayurveda. Recognized for its fine, earthy texture and mildly bitter taste, Chasku Powder adds a unique touch to various healthful concoctions. Its vibrant golden color hints at its rich composition, which has been highly valued for centuries.

In the realm of culinary wellness, Chasku Powder exhibits a distinct profile. It is frequently combined with other herbs and spices in teas and health drinks, enhancing their nutritional potential. Its characteristic bitterness often acts as a balancing element in these mixtures, adding a nuanced depth to their flavor profiles. Moreover, Chasku Powder is used traditionally in Ayurveda for potential health benefits, notably in digestive wellness.

The adaptability of Chasku Powder goes beyond traditional wellness beverages, showing its versatility in various applications. As part of topical preparations, it can be mixed into skincare formulations due to its beneficial properties. Furthermore, Chasku Powder can be used in a variety of homemade wellness products, demonstrating its multifaceted uses in our everyday life. Its status in both culinary and wellness traditions testifies to the enduring appeal of this powerful powder.

Botanical Name: Cassia absus

Also known as: Indian Senna, Senna alexandrina, Cassia angustifolia, Tinnevelly Senna, East Indian Senna, Alexandrian Senna, Khartoum Senna, Sonamukhi