Raisins - Ameen black raisins green raisins golden raisins black raisins  زبيب
Raisins - Ameen  زبيب black raisins brown raisins dark brown raisins
Raisins - Ameen  زبيب golden raisins green raisins
Raisins - Ameen  زبيب brown raisins raisins for rice raisins for plov


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Sultana Black Afghan Shundul Khani Green

Raisins - Originally from Persia and Egypt, raisins are dried grapes. Raisinis the word for the dark coloured grape, while sultanais the world for the golden ones. Currants are small, dried Black Corinth grapes. The word raisingoes back to Middle English and is a word borrowed from Old French. There are a wide variety of raisins from many different kinds of grapes.

Commonly used as a salad topping, raisins can be mixed into oatmeal or added into baked goods, such as bread and cookies, it can also be added to dishes such as rice. Raisins may be eaten raw. They are also added to granola, chutney, cakes, and pies.

They taste very sweet. Golden raisins have a tart flavour.

Also known as: زبيب


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