Spices And Herbs: The Best Combo for Any Nutritional Meal

Cooking with herbs and spices enhances the flavour of the food; it also has multiple health benefits. It satisfies cravings, whether pregnancy or hormonal; spices mixed with any veggies or meat make delicious food.

If we look at the history, why herbs were discovered and used in ancient times, they were mainly used to cure diseases by doctors; it’s rumoured that even ketchup was used to cure diseases and later became a sauce. The use of spices and herbs goes back to when Egyptians used to mummify the dead bodies and back to the time of Babylonian civilization for culinary purposes.

Spices and herbs have several benefits, especially if you have a picky eater in the house; you can hide veggies or any other food under delicious herbs and spices. And no one would know. That’s just how you see it; I think herbs and spices are suitable for many health issues.

It’s preferred to cure minute illnesses using home remedies. I have listed a few spices and herbs that are not only best for treating minor ailments at home but can also turn your bland meals into healthy and tasteful at the same time.

Turmeric, a golden spice as called, is used extensively in India. It’s been proven by experts that turmeric has the most benefits. You can look up at kathysvegankitchen for amazing vegan recipes that contain turmeric. Turmeric is an antiseptic and can heal wounds if applied immediately. Not only this, turmeric has plenty of benefits to the face if used mixed with yoghurt, lemon juice, chickpea flour etc. It can cure acne, inflammation, pore opening, double toning, blackheads and what not.  

As per incorporating turmeric in your diet, it’s very beneficial if added to everyday food. Having turmeric in your diet can prevent harmful brain diseases such as Alzheimer’s, dementia and even different types of cancer. It is surprising to know that turmeric can improve your memory hence lowering the risks of dementia. It’s good for your heart; it reduces the stakes of heart problems. Also, if someone has arthritis, turmeric can help with that too. Turmeric can stop overweightness, so turmeric is advantageous and a great blessing for us one way or the other.

Adding two cloves of cinnamon to your tea or food won’t hurt anyone. Cinnamon being everybody’s favourite spice, comes from a tree called Cinnamomum. It, in my opinion, is the most tasteful spice. It’s sweet but spicy at the same time. I remember eating cinnamon cloves as I had asthma. Cinnamon boosts the immune system, making it strong enough to fight any disease. Other than this, cinnamon is helpful for weight loss. Its tea is flavourful.

Incorporating cinnamon tea in your diet can reduce the risks of diabetes; it’s also suitable for diabetic people. Cinnamon fights cancer and reduces the risk of heart diseases.

Moreover, I know some nutritious drinks that are not liked by children, milk, for instance, you can add cinnamon powder in milk to enhance the flavour of milk, and your kids will love it.

  • Peppermint

Peppermint, a hybrid plant, as we all know, is another valuable herb we have. It’s good for cold, flu, nausea. It also relieves headaches and indigestion. Peppermint is perfect for weight loss.

Adding peppermint leaves to your food gives an earthy element; it is an excellent kick of freshness in the food. 

Peppermint tea can relieve insomnia and improve your sleep cycle. Peppermint oil also has many advantages that make it a golden herb.

  Cumin, a herb found mainly in India, is packed with health benefits. Cumin is mixed with various foods such as rice, potatoes, veggies and more to make a flavourful meal.

Cumin is anti-cancerous, helps with weight loss, is anti-inflammatory, lowers the risk of diabetes and reduces cholesterol levels.

It’s pretty clear that every spice has its advantages and benefits for the body; adding a mixer of spices and herbs to our food should be practiced. It said spices and herbs are as beneficial to us as fruits and salad. Spices and herbs not only enhance the flavour of the food it also makes the food healthy one way or the other. Spices and herbs have zero calories and are also beneficial for the body. After reading this, it would be wrong to say that spice and herbs provide just flavour and taste to the food.