Middle East Spice Blends

Shish Taouk Spice mix

Shish Taouk Spice- Shish Taouk spice originated in the Ottoman Empire. The Ameen Shish Taouk... ..


Kebbeh Spice mix

Kebbeh - This spice mix comes from Lebanon and is also the name of the Lebanese... ..


Tunisian/Algerian Tabil Spice

Tabil spice mix is a staple to Tunisian and Algerian cuisine. This spice has a... ..


Amba Spice

Amba Spice- Amba spice originated in India, Iraq, Pakistan, and Saudi Arabia. This spice is... ..


Shawarma Spice mix

The Shawarma Spice is originating from the Middle Eastern. It is used as a seasoning... ..


Ras El Hanout

With it’s arabic name translating to ‘head of the shop’, ras el hanout is a... ..


Tikka Spice

Tikka spice originated in India. While tikka spice is used to flavour many dishes, it... ..


Seven Spice

Seven spice mix is a blend of warm and aromatic spices that is commonly used... ..


Bisbas Yemani Spice

Zhug or bisbas is a hot sauce originating in Yemeni cuisine. In other countries of... ..


Mamoul Spice mix/Kaek

Ma'amoul is a filled butter cookie made with semolina flour. The filling can be made... ..


Mandi Spice mix

Mandi - From Hadhramaut, Yemen, Mandi is a spice mix. It is also the name of... ..


Mansef Spice mix Coarse

Mansaf Spice- Mansaf spice is originally from Jordan. It is a mix of various ingredients,... ..


Mansef Spice mix

Mansef - Originating in Jordan, this spice is used in a dish with the same... ..


Ottoman Spice mix

Our Ottoman spice mix is a unique blend of traditional spices that have been used... ..


Dokka Spice

Dokka is a spice mix that is also a dip. It can be made with... ..


Kaftah Spice

Kaftah Spice - From the Middle East. Ameen Kaftah spice is a mixture of coriander, cumin,... ..


Couscous Spice

Couscous is a North African dish of steamed granules made of durum wheat semolina. A... ..


Sojok Spice mix

Sojok is a dry and spicy sausage made popular in Central Asian. Ground meat and... ..


Sausage Spice mix

Our inhouse Sausage spice blend can be used with your choice of ground meat.  Key... ..


Ouzi Spice mix

Ouzi Spice - Ouzi spice is from the Middle East. The spice and the dish that... ..


Bukhari Rice Spice mix

Bukhari Rice Spice- This spice blend is from the Middle East. It may consist of... ..