Crushed Chili Flakes

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Introducing our Crushed Chili Flakes: a vibrant and essential spice derived from the coarsely ground, dried chili peppers of the Capsicum genus. Celebrated across countless cuisines globally, these flakes bring not only a visually stunning appeal to dishes but also a robust, fiery flavor that invigorates the palate.

The intensity of our Crushed Chili Flakes varies from moderately spicy to intensely hot, dependent on the chili variety from which they are made. Their flavor profile is rich and multifaceted, often adding more than just heat to a dish. These flakes can introduce a smoky depth, a slight fruity undertone, or a sharp spiciness, depending on their origin and treatment.

Crushed Chili Flakes are indispensable in the culinary world, playing a pivotal role in a diverse array of cuisines. They are a key ingredient in the rustic, smoky blends of Mexican cuisine and an integral part of the layered flavors in Mediterranean cooking. Their versatility shines in everything from Italian pasta sauces to the sizzling woks of Asian street food.

Perfect for sprinkling over pizza, stirring into soups and stews, or incorporating into marinades and rubs, Crushed Chili Flakes are a dynamic and adaptable ingredient. They add both texture and flavor, making them a staple for any kitchen looking to add a spark of excitement to their dishes.

Botanical Name: Capsicum annuum

Also known as: Red Pepper Flakes, Coarse Ground Chili, Chili Flakes, Pimenta Vermelha em Flocos, Flocons de piment rouge, Peperoncino in Fiocchi, लाल मिर्च के टुकड़े, 辣椒片, فلفل حرّ قطع