Dukka Spice

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Unveil the allure of Egypt with our Dukka Spice, an opulent tapestry of nuts, seeds, and spices meticulously woven to embody the soul of ancient culinary traditions. Each ingredient in this exquisite blend has been carefully selected and toasted to perfection, releasing a spectrum of flavors that dance across the palate with warmth and vibrancy.

Begin the journey with the rich, nutty foundations laid by almonds and walnuts, setting a profound base that resonates with wholesome depth. Sesame seeds lightly toasted, scatter rays of subtle aroma, enhancing the blend's delightful complexity. Cumin and fennel, kissed by the fire, unfold in earthy rhythms and warm, anise-like tones, carrying the whispers of age-old Egyptian kitchens.

The dance of spices continues with the spirited embrace of black pepper, a gentle heat that mingles with the tart elegance of sumac. Aleppo pepper, with its mild and fruity nuances, paints strokes of gentle warmth, and smoked paprika unveils smoky veils of mystery, adding dimensions of sweet, fiery passion.

Our Dukka Spice is not just a blend but an experience, versatile in its grace. It lends its charm to meats and vegetables, adorns dips and spreads with textured richness, and transforms simple bread and olive oil into an indulgence of flavors. Unleash the mysteries of Egyptian essence with our Dukka Spice, and let your senses be embraced by its aromatic allure.

Also known as: Duqqa, Egyptian Spice Blend, Nut and Spice Fusion, Ancient Aromatic Mix, دُقَّة, Culinary Treasure of Egypt