Ouzi Spice

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Experience the vibrant essence of Middle Eastern culinary tradition with Ouzi Spice—a harmonious blend that carries the legacy of ancient flavors through the aromatic winds from the Persian Gulf to the fertile lands of Turkey. This exquisite spice, a cherished treasure amongst the Middle Eastern palates, has woven its cultural richness into the culinary tapestry of regions, marking its signature in the illustrious Iraqi national dish, Ouzi or Quzi.

Each ingredient in the Ouzi Spice unfolds a chapter of its historical journey. The Seven Spice unravels a symphony of flavors, each note a tribute to the spice routes of old. Bay leaves waft through the blend with a robust herbal essence, recalling the refreshing breezes of Mediterranean coasts.

Cardamom enters the ensemble with a flourish, bearing the mystique of the exotic, its intoxicating aroma permeating the senses with sweet and spicy allure. Cinnamon cascades through with warm and sweet embraces, mingling with the powerful and spicy whispers of cloves, each clove a potent bearer of warmth and depth. White pepper concludes the concerto with sharp, slightly fermented notes, adding a delicate intensity that perfects the blend.

Crafted for versatility, Ouzi Spice shines as the star in the eponymous dish—Ouzi, a luxurious assembly of succulent lamb, roasted nuts, raisins, and rice. In the presence of this remarkable blend, the ingredients dance in a delightful ballet of tastes and aromas, from smoky seductions to sweet temptations, each variation an ode to the diverse culinary expressions of the Middle East.

Also known as: Quzi, قوزي, the Soul of Middle Eastern Gastronomy