Shish Taouk Spice

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Embark on a culinary odyssey with our Shish Taouk Spice Blend, a tapestry of vibrant spices woven with the threads of traditional Middle Eastern allure. This exquisite blend is the embodiment of a timeless epicurean tradition, crafted with passion and precision to captivate your senses and tantalize your palate.

The sumac in our blend sings the songs of zesty realms, imparting a tangy embrace, as paprika paints each dish with smoky warmth and vibrant colors. Cumin, the earthy enchantment, lays the foundation of a robust and aromatic tale, while garlic dances through with pungent whispers and savory secrets. Coriander blossoms in the symphony with its citrus-kissed blossoms, and nutmeg gracefully unfolds its sweet, warm, and nuanced ballet.

Every spice in our Shish Taouk Spice Blend is a chapter in this delightful epic - allspice narrates a tale of warm, sweet complexity, cinnamon showers the blend with aromatic sweetness, and oregano weaves in a touch of herbaceous charm. White pepper subtly intensifies the melody with its mild heat and nuanced sharpness.

Designed to be the soulful essence of culinary masterpieces, our Shish Taouk Spice Blend breathes life into chicken, beef, or lamb, guiding them in a dance of flavors beneath the gentle flames of the grill or within the warm embrace of the oven. It is the invisible brush that paints robust flavors and mystic aromas onto your kebabs, stews, and rice dishes, turning every meal into an exotic feast of sensorial delight.

Also known as: شيش طاووق, جوجه‌ کباب, skewer spice, tavuk şiş, kabab, red shish taouk, the Essence of Middle Eastern Grills