Tikka Spice

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Embark on an enthralling voyage through the aromatic gardens and vibrant spice bazaars of India with our exquisite Tikka Masala spice blend. Every grain tells a story of ancient traditions, rich culture, and culinary enchantment, beckoning your senses on an adventure of exotic flavors and aromatic wonders.

Our Tikka Masala unveils a tapestry of colors and aromas where each spice plays a unique symphony. Paprika cascades its warmth, sprinkling the blend with smoky whispers and a blush of passionate red. Cumin, the earthy enchantress, releases a robust melody filled with the spirit of the Indian soil. A fiery passion is inflamed by the cayenne pepper, setting the senses ablaze with its spirited heat.

Delicate brushes of ginger sweep through, leaving trails of zesty elegance, while turmeric, the golden goddess, bathes the blend in hues of sunshine and hints of earthy sweetness. Coriander seeds echo with a subtle citrus symphony, and the cloves, those aromatic buds of mystery, infuse the air with their intoxicating warmth. Cinnamon twirls within the blend, unfurling sweet, warm tunes that embrace the senses in a comforting rhythm.

The Tikka Masala becomes a canvas, where flavors bloom and aromas sway, inviting chicken, paneer, and vegetables to waltz in its warm, spicy embrace. Whether grilling, baking, or creating lush, velvet curries, our blend sways gracefully, kissing each dish with a bouquet of fragrant melodies and spicy passion.

An essential treasure in your culinary chest, our Tikka Masala spice blend is a poetry of spices, a hymn of India’s captivating culinary artistry.

Also known as: بهار تكا , Tikka Masala Spice, Indian Barbecue Spice, Tandoori Spice Blend, Grilling Masala, Marination Spice Blend, Kebab Masala, Indian Grill Seasoning, Roast Spice Mix, Sizzling Spice Blend, Spicy Yogurt Marinade Blend