Nutmeg - Ameen  Myristica fragrans جوزة الطيب  nutmeg whole nutmeg ground nutmeg powder
Nutmeg - Ameen  Myristica fragrans جوزة الطيب nutmeg powder nutmeg ground
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Native to Indonesia, nutmeg comes from the nutmeg tree. The
seeds of the nutmeg tree, or ‘myristica fragrans’, are used to create
nutmeg, and mace. It is also an essential oil, and can be made into a butter.

Nutmeg has been used in traditional medicine, but there has so far been no
determined medical benefit.

It has a nutty, warm and sweet flavour and is used for cooking and
seasoning dishes; it is used for a variety of dishes, including desserts,
meats, sauces, and eggnog.

Also known as: Myristica fragrans, جوزة الطيب 


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