Four Peppercorn Mix

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Introducing our Four Peppercorn Mix: an exquisite medley that brings together the vibrant essences of four distinct peppercorn varieties from around the world. This colorful blend combines the classic black peppercorns, the slightly milder white peppercorns, the subtly fruity green peppercorns, and the uniquely sweet pink peppercorns. Each type of peppercorn in this mix contributes its unique flavor profile, creating a tapestry of tastes that is both complex and harmonious.

Black peppercorns, the most widely used in the quartet, offer a robust and pungent heat, forming a strong foundation for the mix. White peppercorns, with their somewhat milder profile, complement the black with their earthy and less intense warmth. Green peppercorns, still unripe when picked and dried, introduce a fresh, slightly zesty twist to the mix. Lastly, the pink peppercorns (technically berries from a different plant) add a sweet, almost fruity dimension that lightens the blend.

Perfect for grinding fresh over dishes, this Four Peppercorn Mix is a versatile choice for seasoning, suitable for a wide range of cuisines and cooking styles. From the simplest salad to the most elaborate sauce, it adds both visual appeal and a burst of nuanced flavor. This blend is also a splendid choice for homemade spice rubs and marinades, offering a depth and complexity that single pepper varieties cannot achieve.

Our Four Peppercorn Mix not only elevates the taste of food but also enhances the visual appeal of your dishes with its spectrum of colors, making it a delightful addition to any table setting or kitchen counter.

Also known as: Mixed Peppercorns, Rainbow Peppercorn Blend, Poivre Melange, Bunte Pfeffermischung, Mix di Pepe, 혼합 후추, مزيج الفلفل, मिश्रित काली मिर्च, مخلوط کالی مرچ.