Agarwood Oil

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Agarwood Oil, also known as Oud Oil, is a highly prized essential oil distilled from the resinous heartwood of the Agarwood tree (Aquilaria species), which becomes fragrant after being infected with a specific type of mold. This rich, complex oil is revered for its deep, woody, and aromatic scent with nuances of smoke, resin, and subtle sweetness. Agarwood Oil is obtained through steam distillation, often after a lengthy process of resin formation, making it one of the most expensive oils in the world. It is celebrated in perfumery, aromatherapy, and traditional medicine across various cultures for its grounding, tranquilizing, and spiritually uplifting properties.

In aromatherapy, Agarwood Oil is esteemed for its ability to promote mental clarity, emotional balance, and a deep sense of peace. Its profound, meditative scent is believed to aid in the release of negative emotions, reduce stress, and enhance focus during meditation. Additionally, Agarwood Oil's sedative properties make it beneficial for improving sleep quality and promoting a calm state of mind.

The composition of Agarwood Oil, rich in unique sesquiterpenes and aromatic compounds, contributes to its wide range of therapeutic benefits. These components render Agarwood Oil effective in soothing anxiety and depression, providing pain relief, and offering antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory effects.

Common Uses: Beyond its use in aromatherapy, Agarwood Oil is highly valued in high-end perfumery for its distinctive and luxurious scent. It's also used in traditional medicine for its health-supporting properties and in spiritual practices for its ability to enhance meditation and spiritual exploration.

Blends well with: Rose, Sandalwood, Vanilla, and Jasmine, as well as other rich, floral, and woodsy oils. These combinations leverage Agarwood Oil's deep and complex notes, creating blends that are both aromatic and therapeutically beneficial.

Aromatic Scent: Agarwood Oil offers a deep, intensely woody aroma with smoky, resinous, and sweet nuances, providing a profound and enveloping olfactory experience.

Botanical Name: Aquilaria species

Plant Part: Resinous Heartwood