Ajwain Seeds

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Ajwain, also referred to as carom seeds, is a notable spice essential to Indian and Middle Eastern cuisines. These tiny, oval-shaped seeds, with their sharp and slightly bitter taste, bring a unique touch to numerous dishes. Used in both their whole form and ground to a powder, ajwain is recognized for its ability to enhance food flavors. It also has a place in Ayurvedic tradition, where it is appreciated for potential benefits to digestion and general stomach health.

The robust character of ajwain seeds plays a key role in a variety of dishes. It’s featured in flavorful Indian curries and as a seasoning or "tadka" in dal. Often, these seeds are gently toasted in ghee to unlock their full aromatic potential before being added to food or mixed into bread dough for naan or parathas. In Middle Eastern dishes, ajwain is valued for its ability to accentuate the tastes of meat and rice delicacies. Beyond their culinary usage, ajwain seeds exhibit versatility, being incorporated into teas, or paired with lemon juice to create a refreshing mouth cleanser.

Botanical Name: Trachyspermum ammi

Also known as: بذور نانخة , Carom seeds, Bishop's weed, Lovage seeds, Ajowan, Ajowan caraway, Thymol seeds, Omam, Omum seeds, Ajwain caraway, Ajmod