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Aleppo pepper, also known as the Halaby pepper, is a cherished spice that originates from the city of Aleppo in Syria. Characterized by its medium heat and deep, complex flavor, this crimson-colored pepper plays a crucial role in Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisines. Its unique flavor profile is moderately spicy yet fruity, with a hint of a mild, raisin-like sweetness and a touch of a cumin-like earthiness, making it an exceptional addition to a variety of dishes.

In its traditional form, the Aleppo pepper is sun-dried before being deseeded, semi-crushed, and mixed with salt and oil, resulting in a coarse, flaky texture that is beloved by chefs and home cooks alike. Its moderate heat level allows it to impart a warm, robust flavor without overpowering the dish. This versatile spice is used in a broad range of dishes, from enhancing the richness of hearty stews and grilled meats to adding depth to salads and marinades.

Beyond its culinary use, Aleppo pepper is also praised for potential health benefits, often being used in traditional medicine due to its antioxidant properties. Its striking color and unique flavor make it not only a delicious ingredient but also an impressive garnish, adding an attractive touch of heat and color to dishes. Whether you're sprinkling it on hummus, stirring it into olive oil for a simple dip, or using it as a rub for meats, Aleppo pepper is sure to bring a dash of exotic flavor to your kitchen.

Botanical Name: Capsicum annuum 'Aleppo'

Also known as:  فلفل حلبي, Halaby pepper, Syrian pepper, Pul biber, Halabi pepper, Flaked red pepper, Aleppo chilli, Near East pepper, Halab pepper, Aleppo chile, Aleppo paprika