Almonds in Soft Shell

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Our whole natural almonds with shells are the perfect snack for those looking for a crunchy and nutritious treat. These almonds are sourced straight from the orchard and come in their natural state, with the shells still intact. They are a rich source of protein, healthy fats, and various vitamins and minerals. These almonds are a great addition to your diet, whether you're looking to snack on them throughout the day or add them to your favorite recipes. Order now and enjoy the natural taste and benefits of these whole almonds with shells.

Other names: 

Prunus dulcis (its scientific name)
Badam (in Hindi)
Mandel (in German)
Amande (in French)
Almendras (in Spanish)
Lbadam (in Arabic)
Mandorle (in Italian)
Amêndoa (in Portuguese)
Миндаль (in Russian)
杏仁 (in Chinese)