Alum Powder

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Introducing our Alum (Fatakri) Powder, a finely ground form of the versatile and naturally occurring mineral, potassium aluminum sulfate. This powdered version of Alum, known for its astringent and antiseptic properties, is a staple in many traditional practices, ranging from culinary arts to natural remedies and personal care.

In the culinary world, Alum powder is particularly valued in the pickling process. Its slightly acidic nature helps to preserve the crispness and vibrant color of pickled fruits and vegetables, ensuring they maintain their texture and flavor over time. This makes it an essential ingredient for home canning enthusiasts and professional chefs alike who are looking to achieve the perfect pickled delicacies.

Beyond its use in food preservation, Alum powder is renowned in natural health and beauty care. It’s commonly used as a styptic for minor cuts and as a natural deodorant, capitalizing on its antibacterial properties to reduce odors. Additionally, in water purification, Alum powder acts as an effective coagulant, clarifying water by binding with sediment and impurities.

Our Alum (Fatakri) Powder embodies the essence of traditional wisdom, offering a convenient, versatile form of this age-old ingredient. Whether it's enhancing your culinary creations, serving as a key component in your wellness routine, or aiding in practical household tasks, Alum powder is an invaluable addition to your collection.

Also known as: Potassium Aluminum Sulfate Powder, Fatakri Powder, Fitkari Powder, Phitkari Powder, مسحوق الشب, पिसी हुई फिटकरी, پسے ہوئے پھٹکری.