Star Anise

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Experience the rich and captivating aroma of Star Anise, a versatile and beloved spice with a unique shape and flavor. Native to China and Vietnam, this star-shaped spice is a key ingredient in many Chinese and Vietnamese dishes, including broths, stews, and stir-fries.

Star Anise is prized for its warm and sweet licorice-like flavor, with a slightly bitter undertone. The spice is often used in sweet and savory dishes, including desserts, baked goods, and marinades. It is also a popular addition to tea blends and cocktails.

Our premium Star Anise is sourced from the highest-quality producers, ensuring a fresh and potent flavor that enhances any dish. Whether you're a seasoned chef or a home cook, our Star Anise adds a delightful depth of flavor to your recipes, transporting you to the exotic and enchanting world of Asian cuisine.

Botanical Name: Illicium verum

Also known as: chakra phool , Badian, Chinese star anise, badiane, anise star, aniseed stars, eight-horned anise