Apricot Seeds

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Sweet apricot seeds, also recognized as kernels, play an integral role in various culinary traditions. These small, almond-like seeds are found within the hard pit of the apricot fruit, and when fresh, offer a subtly sweet and slightly nutty flavor. Used both in their raw form and roasted, sweet apricot seeds are appreciated not only for their unique taste but also for their versatile usage in a range of recipes.

In the realm of culinary artistry, sweet apricot seeds make their presence felt in a plethora of dishes. They serve as a critical ingredient in Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisines, often ground into a paste for use in sweet treats like amaretti cookies and marzipan. Roasting these seeds can enhance their inherent sweetness and nutty nuances, making them an excellent addition to granolas, salads, or as a garnish for both sweet and savory dishes.

Moreover, sweet apricot seeds are often used to produce a unique oil that imparts a mild, sweet flavor to vinaigrettes, baked goods, and even skincare products. This multifaceted usage extends their application beyond the boundaries of the kitchen. Their intriguing blend of sweetness and slight nuttiness has captured the curiosity and creativity of chefs, making sweet apricot seeds a cherished secret in many gourmet recipes.

Botanical Name: Prunus armeniaca

Also known as: Apricot seeds, Apricot pits, Apricot stones, Armenian almonds, Xing Ren, Prunus armeniaca seeds