Ash Reshteh Seasoning

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Originating from the rich culinary traditions of Iran and Azerbaijan, Ash Reshteh Spice is a well-curated blend of spices, each adding its unique flavor and aroma to your dishes. This blend combines the earthy warmth of turmeric and black pepper with the smoky essence of cumin. Coriander, mint, and dill weed contribute freshness, while parsley and fenugreek leaves add a herbal touch. The inclusion of cinnamon and saffron enriches the blend, imparting a luxurious taste and aroma.

Ash Reshteh Spice is essential in preparing traditional dishes, playing a significant role in creating meals that resonate with cultural richness and communal warmth, particularly in celebrations like the Persian New Year.

Also known as: Persian-Azeri Spice Blend, Middle Eastern Herb Mix, Traditional Persian Spice, Azeri Cooking Blend, Culinary Spice Mix, Exotic Herb Combination, Eastern Spice Blend, Ancient Culinary Mix, Traditional Herb Blend