Baheda Whole

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Introducing our Baheda Whole, a significant herbal ingredient derived from the Bibhitaki tree, scientifically known as Terminalia bellirica. Widely esteemed in Ayurvedic medicine, Baheda, also known as Bibhitaki, is one of the three fruits that constitute the famous traditional formulation Triphala. Native to South Asia, Baheda is revered for its numerous health benefits and has been an integral part of traditional medicinal practices for centuries.

Baheda Whole is characterized by its large, oval-shaped fruit with a slightly bitter and astringent flavor. The fruit, when dried, becomes hard and woody, preserving its rich array of beneficial compounds. It is traditionally used to support respiratory health, improve digestion, and promote overall well-being. Baheda is also believed to have rejuvenating properties, playing a significant role in anti-aging treatments and wellness therapies.

In Ayurvedic practices, Baheda Whole is used in various forms – from decoctions and powders to being a vital ingredient in complex herbal formulations. Its adaptogenic properties help in balancing different bodily systems, making it a versatile herb for holistic healing. Beyond its health applications, Baheda is also used in hair care, as it is believed to promote hair growth and improve hair health.

Our Baheda Whole provides a pure, natural form of this ancient herbal remedy, offering a direct link to the timeless wisdom of Ayurveda. Whether used for its health-promoting properties or as part of a comprehensive wellness regimen, Baheda Whole is a valuable addition to your natural health toolkit.

Also known as: Bibhitaki, Terminalia bellirica, Bahera, Beleric, बहेड़ा, بہیرہ.