Black Cardamom Ground

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Introducing our Black Cardamom Ground: A bold symphony of smoky allure, our Black Cardamom Ground is a textured tapestry of flavors that unveils the essence of exotic warmth and robust richness. Harvested from the mystical pods of Amomum subulatum, this ground version is a dark, aromatic jewel in the treasure chest of spices, marking its presence with a powerful resonance in the culinary arts of Asian landscapes.

Our Black Cardamom Ground is the essence of refined smokiness paired with a subtly cool mint undertone, finely milled to unfold a spectrum of aromatic narratives. Its versatility invites a journey through savory grandeur, from the rich embrace of Indian biryanis to the hearty touch in Nepalese gorkhali lamb, enveloping dishes in an irresistible aromatic charm.

With each pinch, the ground spice melds effortlessly into the tapestry of ingredients, allowing for a smoother, more integrated infusion of its dynamic flavors. As a poignant presence in the orchestra of Garam Masala and a charismatic infuser of warmth in sweet creations, it sails through cuisines, leaving traces of its smoky elegance.

The ground incarnation allows for an exploration beyond pods, offering ease, consistency, and a harmonious blending of its vibrant character into the heart of dishes and beverages.

Botanical Name: Amomum subulatum

Also known as: Ground Badi Elaichi, Kali Elaichi Powder, الهيل الأسود مطحون, बड़ी इलाइची पाउडर, Brown Cardamom Powder, Smoky Cardamom Powder