Black Lime Powder

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Presenting our Black Lime Powder: a radiant flourish of citric enchantment finely ground to perfection. This mystical powder carries the essence of black lime, a celebrated jewel in the crown of Middle Eastern and North African culinary arts, imbuing dishes with a symphony of smoky citrus and nuanced tang. Crafted through a meticulous process of sun-drying, the limes absorb the energy of the sun, transforming into a treasure trove of intense, concentrated flavors.

Every grain of our Black Lime Powder tells a tale of exotic lands, ancient traditions, and the warmth of the sun. Its finely milled texture seamlessly blends into your culinary creations, spreading its vibrant essence throughout each dish. Infusing the atmosphere with its captivating aroma, Black Lime Powder unlocks dimensions of flavor, allowing your senses to embark on a transcendent journey of culinary exploration.

In its powdered form, Black Lime reveals its versatility, proving invaluable in a multitude of dishes. From the aromatic rice and stews that define the cuisines of arid landscapes to the contemporary culinary canvases seeking a brush of extraordinary flavor, Black Lime Powder leaves an indelible mark, transforming ordinary recipes into extraordinary culinary artworks.

Botanical Name: Citrus aurantiifolia

Also known as: Dried Lime Powder, Loomi Powder, Lumi Powder, Limoo Omani Powder, Limu Omani Powder, Black Lemon Powder, مستكة مطحونة, لومي مطحون, ليمو عماني مطحون