Black Seeds

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Black seeds, also referred to as Nigella sativa or kalonji, are a cherished addition to the global culinary and wellness panorama. These small, black, and slightly curved seeds imbue dishes with an earthy and subtly bitter flavor, adding a distinct element to a multitude of recipes. Black seeds are traditionally used in their entirety, contributing both texture and taste to dishes, and are also known for their purported wellness benefits, with a strong presence in various traditional medicinal systems.

The robust profile of black seeds has found a place in a diverse range of dishes. It's not uncommon to find these seeds sprinkled over flatbreads or incorporated into pickles for a distinct flavor in South Asian cuisine. In Middle Eastern cuisine, they often adorn pastries and bread, lending a characteristic crunch and taste. Their unique flavor also lends depth to a variety of savory dishes, from curries to stews.

Beyond the realm of culinary arts, black seeds are appreciated for their versatility. They are a common ingredient in health drinks and wellness concoctions, and are often infused into oils, which are then used in skincare and haircare routines. Their potential wellness advantages, coupled with their culinary uses, make black seeds an invaluable addition to our daily lives.

Botanical  Name: Nigella sativa

Also known as: Nigella sativa, Kalonji, Black cumin, Black caraway, Onion seeds, Fennel flower, Black sesame, Roman coriander, Nutmeg flower, Habbatus Sauda, Schwarzkümmel, Chernushka, Nigelle