Celery Seeds

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Celery seeds, small yet mighty, are a flavorful ingredient crucial to a wide array of global cuisines. With a taste that combines a mild spiciness with a hint of earthy bitterness, these tiny, dark brown seeds have the ability to enrich dishes with a unique flavor profile. The seeds, whether used in their whole form or ground into a fine powder, are celebrated for their capacity to augment culinary creations. Additionally, in traditional medicine practices, celery seeds have been used for their potential health-supportive properties, including digestive and anti-inflammatory benefits.

The distinct and vibrant flavor of celery seeds finds its place in various dishes. From infusing broths and soups to being an indispensable element in the preparation of pickles and coleslaw, celery seeds add depth and complexity. They are also a staple in spice blends like Old Bay seasoning, used widely in seafood dishes. The seeds can be gently toasted to intensify their flavor before incorporation into dishes, or milled into a powder to be sprinkled over food, offering a subtle hint of the fresh vegetal note of celery.

Celery seeds also demonstrate their versatility in non-culinary applications. For example, they can be steeped into teas or incorporated into health supplements. Their unique combination of taste and potential health benefits makes them a valued addition to our everyday routines.

Botanical Name: Apium graveolens

Also known as: Apium graveolens, Smallage seeds, Wild celery seeds, Celery fruit, Garden celery seeds