Ceylon Black Tea

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Ceylon Black Tea, renowned worldwide for its distinct quality, is a crucial element of Sri Lankan tea production. Characterized by its bold, full-bodied flavor and deep amber hue, this black tea stands out as a favorite among tea connoisseurs. Whether served steaming hot or refreshingly iced, Ceylon Black Tea offers an unrivaled robustness that pairs well with meals or can be appreciated on its own.

This tea variety, harvested from the verdant hills of Sri Lanka, is celebrated for its invigorating aroma, which bears a hint of citrusy undertones, complementing its strong, rich taste. Consumed plain, or often with a splash of milk or lemon, Ceylon Black Tea can also be sweetened according to individual preference. It forms the backbone of many flavored teas and is a popular choice for breakfast blends.

Besides its pleasing taste and aroma, Ceylon Black Tea is valued for its potential health benefits, from its rich antioxidant content to its supposed invigorating effects. Its popularity extends beyond being a simple beverage—it serves as a comforting ritual, a reinvigorating break, and a cornerstone of hospitality in many cultures.

Botanical Name: Camellia sinensis

Also known as: Sri Lankan Black Tea, Ceylon Tea, Black Tea of Sri Lanka, Ceylon High Grown Tea, Ceylon Medium Grown Tea, Ceylon Low Grown Tea