Chicken Kebab Spice

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Ameen's Chicken Kebab Spice is a captivating blend that combines the allure of global cuisines into a single packet. With its carefully selected and proportioned ingredients, it effortlessly captures the essence of an authentic chicken kebab experience.

This spice blend encompasses the aromatic sharpness of garlic, the subtle sweetness of Aleppo peppers, the pungent undertones of coarse white pepper, and the earthy warmth of turmeric. These components come together to create an enchanting melody of flavors that promises to transform ordinary chicken into a culinary masterpiece.

The generous dash of garlic in the blend ensures a robust base, while the Aleppo sweet peppers bring a delicate hint of sweetness and fruitiness. The coarse white pepper adds a layer of depth and heat, enhancing the overall zest of the dish. The finishing touch of turmeric not only provides a vibrant hue but also imparts a mild, slightly bitter, and peppery flavor.

Whether you're grilling, baking, or pan-frying, Ameen's Chicken Kebab Spice adds an exquisite burst of flavors to your chicken kebabs, ensuring an unforgettable gastronomic journey with every bite.

Also known as: Chicken Kebab Seasoning, Poultry Skewer Spice, BBQ Chicken Spice, Poultry Grill Blend, Chicken Grill Mix, Poultry Kebab Seasoning, Chicken BBQ Spice Blend