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Presenting our Ground Cloves: the finely milled version of the aromatic flower buds plucked from the evergreen clove tree, Syzygium aromaticum, a native of the spice-laden islands of Indonesia. These minuscule, yet potent, ground treasures encapsulate centuries of culinary and medicinal heritage, echoing their timeless allure across diverse cultures.

Ground Cloves boast an assertive flavor profile characterized by a harmonious blend of warmth, subtle sweetness, and a distinctive touch of bitterness. This rich amalgamation imparts an intense and unmistakable taste to both sweet and savory dishes, earning ground cloves a place of honor in kitchens around the globe. The fine texture of our ground cloves ensures a smooth and even integration of this explosive flavor, enhancing the culinary experience in every dish they grace.

Beyond their gastronomic contributions, ground cloves are steeped in health benefits. Celebrated in traditional medicine for their powerful antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties, these ground buds are a natural panacea for various ailments. They are revered for aiding digestion, alleviating pain, and freshening breath, solidifying their role as a stalwart of natural healthcare.

The aroma of ground cloves is equally enchanting, exuding a warm, spicy, and slightly fruity fragrance. This captivating scent has transcended culinary uses, finding favor in the realms of perfumery, candle-making, and aromatherapy oils, infusing spaces with its invigorating and recognizable fragrance.

Botanical Name: Syzygium aromaticum

Also known as: Ground Clove Buds, Milled Cloves, Lavang Powder, Laung Powder, Ding Xiang Fen, Molido Clavos de Olor, Gemahlene Gewürznelken, Macinato Chiodi di Garofano, Lavanga Powder, Milled Clovies, Poudre de Clous de Girofle, Măcinată Garoafa, Öğütülmüş Karanfil, Gemalen Kruidnagel, Öğütülmüş Karamfil, Molido Clavos, مسحوق القرنفل, पिसी हुई लौंग, پیسی ہوئی لونگ