Constipation Relief Tea

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Welcome to a gentle, natural solution for your wellness routine with our Constipation Relief Herbal Tea. This carefully crafted blend is designed to support digestive comfort and promote regularity, all in a delightful cup of tea.

Our tea is a symphony of natural ingredients known for their digestive benefits. Senna Leaves, the core component, are recognized for their natural laxative properties. They work harmoniously with Rose Petals, known for aiding in healthy digestion and providing relief from abdominal discomfort. The addition of Fennel Seeds brings a traditional remedy for constipation and bloating to the blend, while Ajwain Seeds are included for their ability to stimulate digestion.

This tea is an excellent choice for those seeking a natural approach to digestive health. It's not only effective but also a pleasure to drink, with its soothing and delicious flavor profile. Steep it for just a few minutes, and enjoy the comforting warmth and wellness benefits it brings.

Our commitment to natural well-being means this tea is caffeine-free, making it suitable for any time of day. Crafted with 100% natural ingredients and free from artificial preservatives or flavors, it's a safe and healthy option for regular use.

Ingredients: Senna Leaves, Rose Petals, Fennel, Ajwain.

Embrace a natural path to comfort with our Constipation Relief Herbal Tea. Each cup offers a gentle, effective way to support your digestive health. Order now and experience the soothing, natural benefits firsthand.