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Cramp Bark, known scientifically as Viburnum opulus, is a plant celebrated for its medicinal uses. The plant is characterized by its small white flowers and dark, glossy berries. However, it's the bark of this plant, reminiscent of woody and earthy tones, that is most frequently utilized in herbal medicine. The bark is generally harvested in the fall and then dried to be used throughout the year.

Cramp Bark is renowned for its reputed ability to alleviate muscle tension and spasms, from which it derives its common name. Traditionally, it has been used in a range of cultures to soothe menstrual cramps and other muscle-related discomforts. The bark is typically prepared as a decoction or tincture, and may also be included in topical ointments for direct application to areas of discomfort. Beyond its role in mitigating muscle tension, Cramp Bark has also been used to potentially support cardiovascular health and promote relaxation.

In the kitchen, the berries of the Cramp Bark plant, though quite bitter, can be used to make jellies or syrups when sweetened. This highlights the multifaceted nature of the plant, balancing its significant role in traditional medicine with its potential uses in culinary creations. Its influence extends beyond the confines of herbal medicine, embodying a blend of healthful benefits and culinary potential.

Botanical Name: Viburnum Opulus

Also known as: Guelder rose, Viburnum opulus, High cranberry, Water elder, European cranberry bush, May rose,Snowball tree