Dried Lime

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Introducing our Black Lime: A celestial orb of zestful mystery, the Black Lime is a dried and aged culinary jewel that encapsulates the essence of citrus enchantment. Often known as loomi or black lemon, this transformative spice is birthed through a delicate process of sun-basking, where fresh limes are allowed to bask in the generous warmth of the sun, culminating in a metamorphosis into a rich, dark hue with intensified aromas and flavors.

Our Black Lime emanates an orchestra of tangy, smoky, and slightly fermented notes that orchestrate a sublime symphony of flavors, making it an enchanting ingredient in Middle Eastern and Persian cuisines. Each lime is a reservoir of concentrated citrus allure, ready to diffuse its robust essence into stews, soups, and rice dishes, embodying them with an invigorating tang and a delectable depth of character.

In its mystical aura, the Black Lime carries not just the robust intensity of flavors, but also an ancient heritage of culinary tradition. Whether grounded into a fine powder or used as a whole, the Black Lime infuses dishes with a spectrum of flavors, from tart to an underpinning sweetness, allowing each meal to dance in the delightful embrace of its zestful charm.

Botanical Name: Citrus aurantiifolia

Also known as: Loomi, Black Lemon, Dried Lime, Lemon Omani, Blackened Lime, حامض أسود, لومی سیاه, Seco Lima.