Dukka Zaatar

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Introducing our Dukka Zaatar, a unique and aromatic blend that fuses the rustic charm of traditional Middle Eastern Zaatar with the nutty complexity of Egyptian Dukka. This innovative combination results in a spice mix that is rich in flavor, texture, and culinary heritage, offering a delightful journey through the diverse tastes of the Middle East and North Africa.

At the heart of Dukka Zaatar lies a foundation of roasted sesame seeds and sumac, which provide a nutty and tangy base. This is complemented by a medley of finely ground herbs like thyme and oregano, each contributing their own aromatic notes. The zaatar component brings its characteristic herby and lemony profile, while the dukka element introduces a rich tapestry of flavors with ingredients like hazelnuts, coriander, and cumin, each adding depth and warmth.

The beauty of Dukka Zaatar lies in its versatility. It is perfect for sprinkling over flatbreads moistened with olive oil, adding a flavorful crunch to salads and yogurt dips, or as a crust for meats and fish. Its unique blend of herbs, spices, and nuts also makes it a fantastic seasoning for roasted vegetables or a tasty topping for hummus.

Dukka Zaatar is not just a spice mix; it's a celebration of the vibrant culinary cultures of the Middle East and North Africa. Every sprinkle is an invitation to explore and savor the rich tapestry of flavors that make this region's cuisine so beloved.

Also known as: Za'atar Dukka Blend, Middle Eastern Nut and Herb Mix, Egyptian Zaatar Fusion, Dukkah Za'atar Mix, زعتر دقة.