Elecampane Root

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Elecampane, often referred to as horse-heal or elfdock, is a renowned root often dried for medicinal and culinary uses. This robust perennial herb is characterized by its large, ribbed leaves and vibrant yellow flowers, but it's the thick, fleshy root that is particularly valued. The root, when dried, exhibits a slightly sweet, somewhat bitter flavor that makes it a unique addition to various preparations. Its aromatic properties have found a place in both traditional and modern applications, ranging from folk remedies to culinary infusions.

In traditional medicine, dried elecampane root is hailed for its purported health benefits. Often used in herbal teas, tinctures, and syrups, it is believed to have properties beneficial for respiratory health. However, its use extends beyond medicinal purposes, finding its way into kitchens as a spice and flavoring agent. With a taste reminiscent of a blend between celery and licorice, it lends a unique flavor to various dishes.

The dried root can be incorporated into broths or soups, adding an earthy undertone to the dish. It can also be used in making liqueurs and vermouth, thanks to its slightly bitter taste which balances the sweetness. Furthermore, the dried elecampane root can also serve as an ingredient in herbal smoking blends. Its multifaceted uses and potential health benefits make elecampane root a valuable addition to both your kitchen pantry and home remedy collection.

Botanical Name: Inula Helenium

Also known as: Elecampane root, Inula helenium, Horse-heal, Horseheal, Alant, Elf Dock, Elfwort, Wild Sunflower, Scabwort, Velvet Dock, Alantwurzel, Aunée, Enula campana, Helenio, Alante Maggiore, Elecampane, Aster helenium, Marchalan, Asteraceae, Yellow Starwort, Alant-rübe, Alante officinale, Osterluzei, Osterlumen, Fausse Aunée, Inule Odorante, Enula, Énula, Énula Campana, Enula Campana, Alant Kõrge, Lapkričio 6, Voroniy Koren', Voroniy Korin', Voroniykoren', Vudka, Gulrot, Alant Belii, Cicoala, Enula-campánea, Inula, Alant Wielki, Alant Pospolity, Yalancı Atkuyruğu, Pão-de-cavalo, Alant maior, Ênula Campana, Ênula Menor, Enula Maior, Pão de Cavalo, Vaca de Pau, Lanta, and Kama-yatsumezasa, جذر الراسن, Pushkara, Kaashmira, Yellow Starwort