Eucalyptus Leaves

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Eucalyptus leaves are native to Australia.  Eucalyptus is a species of flowering tree in the myrtle family. Around 3/4 of Australian forests are Eucalyptus forests. Although Australia sees many wildfires, these trees have seeds that are actually fire-resistant!

The leaves have common use in the massage industry, as they can be made into wonderful-smelling massage oils. They may also be used as potpourri, and in flower arrangements. Eucalyptus leaves can be made into tea. They can also be used as insect repellants.

Eucalyptus leaves have an intensely aromatic taste, with a mix of menthol, citrus, and pine. In addition, the leaves have a distinct camphoraceous smell, often described as sharp and slightly medicinal.

Botanical Name: Eucalyptus globulus

Also known as: Tilaparna, Neelgiri, Blue Gum Tree, Sugandhapatra, Tribhandi, Nishotraa, الأوكالبتوس, Gum Trees, أوراق شجرة الكينا