Alum Whole

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Introducing our Alum (Fatakri) Whole, a naturally occurring mineral revered for its versatility in various cultural and practical applications. Alum, known scientifically as potassium aluminum sulfate, is a crystalline compound celebrated for its astringent and antiseptic properties.

Alum has been used for centuries across different cultures for its diverse benefits. In culinary practices, especially in pickling, it is known for its ability to maintain the crispness and color of fruits and vegetables. Its slightly acidic nature makes it a perfect ingredient for ensuring that pickled foods retain their desired texture and freshness over time.

Beyond its culinary uses, Alum is also renowned in the world of natural remedies and personal care. It serves as a traditional antiseptic and styptic, often used to soothe minor cuts and abrasions, and as a natural deodorant due to its antibacterial properties. In water purification processes, Alum acts as a coagulant, helping to clear turbidity and impurities, showcasing its utility in a range of practical applications.

Our Alum (Fatakri) Whole offers a glimpse into the rich tapestry of traditional practices, bringing a touch of age-old wisdom to modern-day uses. Whether used in the kitchen, as a part of your wellness routine, or for practical household needs, Alum stands out for its multifaceted applications.

Also known as: Potassium Aluminum Sulfate, Fatakri, Fitkari, Phitkari, الشب, फिटकरी, پھٹکری.