Five Pepper Blend

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Unveil the extraordinary with our Five Pepper Mix, a lavish amalgamation of distinctively robust flavors from across the globe. This exquisite assortment harmoniously marries pink peppercorns, Turkish chillies, Aleppo pepper, hot Armenian pepper, and sumac, each ingredient meticulously curated to narrate a tale of rich, multifaceted splendor.

Embarking on a journey through warmth, zest, and nuanced spiciness, our Five Pepper Mix unfolds as a versatile maestro in the symphony of culinary arts. Whether elevating dishes as a resplendent garnish, infusing marinades with a vibrancy of heat and flavor, or enhancing recipes with its robust character, this blend seamlessly entwines itself into a myriad of culinary creations, promising an experience of profound depth and unforgettable complexity.

Esteemed as a gem amongst spices, the Five Pepper Mix stands as an embodiment of culinary opulence, turning the ordinary into extraordinary and every meal into a mesmerizing canvas of taste and aroma.

Also known as: خمسة فلفل