Fo-ti Root

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Fo-ti root, alternatively known as Polygonum multiflorum or He Shou Wu, is a revered herb in traditional Chinese medicine. This vine-like plant bears a root with an earthy, slightly sweet taste and a texture that blends seamlessly into a variety of preparations. Whether consumed as a tea, taken as a supplement, or incorporated into meals, fo-ti root is recognized for its potential wellness-enhancing properties.

The impressive characteristics of fo-ti root extend to a range of applications. It's a key ingredient in many Chinese herbal formulas, incorporated into dishes for its unique flavor profile and purported health benefits. The root, often dried and powdered, can be used to prepare nutritious soups and stews, lending a distinctively earthy undertone to these hearty dishes.

In the realm of traditional medicine, fo-ti root is often brewed into a healthful tea, or utilized in tinctures and supplements. Its use stems from the belief in its potential to support vitality and overall wellness. Beyond its internal uses, fo-ti root's versatility is further evidenced as it's sometimes incorporated into topical formulations for hair and skin, indicating the extensive reach of its potential applications in daily life.

Botanical Name: Polygonum multiflorum

Also known as: Fo-ti root, Polygonum multiflorum, He Shou Wu, Chinese knotweed, Climbing knotweed, Flowery knotweed, Chinese cornbind, Tuber fleeceflower, Fallopia multiflora, Shen-mi, Ho Shou Wu, Foti, Ren Shen, Yin Yang Huo, Heshouwu, Radix Polygoni Multiflori, Radix Polygoni, Zhihe Shouwu, Chinese fleeceflower, Flowery knotweed root, Polygonum vine, Tuber fleeceflower root, PFA, Black-haired Mr. He,foti root, ho shou wu, fo ti tieng root, he shu wu, fleeceflower, fo ti herb, fallopia multiflora