Gokshura Fruit

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Cultivated from the fertile soils of Asia and Africa, Gokshura fruit, scientifically known as Tribulus terrestris, stands tall in the rich tapestry of traditional herbal remedies. This esteemed plant is lauded for its unique fruit, revered for its rich spectrum of natural health benefits. Its adaptogenic qualities are known to fortify the body's resilience to stress, promoting an overall sense of wellness and tranquility.

Gokshura fruit holds a prominent role in the doctrines of Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese Medicine, bearing testimony to its remarkable therapeutic potentials. Its positive influence extends to both male and female reproductive health, bolstering libido and harmonizing hormonal balance. As a rejuvenative tonic steeped in nature's wisdom, Gokshura fruit serves as a robust companion to holistic health, cultivating equilibrium and comprehensive wellness. Further enhancing its appeal, Gokshura fruit is known for its diuretic properties, positioning it as a trusted ally for urinary tract health, and contributing to optimal kidney function.

Bringing vitality and vigor to the forefront, Gokshura fruit seamlessly weaves itself into the tapestry of holistic health routines. Its celebrated legacy, founded on its wide array of herbal benefits, continues to capture the interest of those embarking on a journey toward natural, healthful living. Its timeless role as a natural wellness catalyst reaffirms its enduring significance in the ever-evolving world of holistic health solutions

Botanical Name: Tribulus terrestris

Also known as: goksura, tribulus, land-caltrops, gokharu, cat's head, croix de chevalier, dars elaguz, nature's viagara, nerinjil, naalkhar, herbe terrestre, espaakh, جوكشورا, Goksura fruit, Gokshura fruit, Tribulus fruit, Puncturevine fruit, Devil's thorn fruit, Bindii fruit, Caltrop fruit, Goathead fruit, Small caltrops fruit, Gokharu fruit, Bhakhdi fruit, Nerinjil fruit, Baiji fruit, Puncture vine fruit, Yellow vine fruit, Bulgarian tribulus fruit, Cat's head fruit