Harira Spice

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Experience the timeless embrace of North African culinary heritage with our captivating Harira Spice Blend. Rooted deeply in the diverse traditions of Moroccan and Algerian cuisines, this exquisite blend is the soul of Harira, a beloved soup that warms the hearts of those across the Maghreb.

Crafted with precision, our blend incorporates the bold, robust character of black pepper, the sweet, warm whispers of cinnamon, and the earthy, golden allure of turmeric. Ginger introduces a zesty warmth, complemented by the aromatic richness of cumin, while cayenne pepper unfurls a gentle heat. The symphony culminates with the luxurious touch of saffron, bathing your dishes in a royal glow.

Each ingredient in our Harira Spice Blend is like a note, resonating with the vibrant rhythms of North African traditions, harmonizing in a melody that enhances the natural beauty of your culinary creations. Designed to elevate the savory warmth of lentils in Moroccan Harira or to highlight the sublime simplicity of the Algerian variation, this blend bestows an authentic touch of Maghrebi elegance.

Versatile and enchanting, the Harira Spice Blend transforms ordinary ingredients into extraordinary culinary delights, ensuring that the radiant essence of North African hospitality graces your table throughout the year.

Also known as: حريرة (Harira), Maghrebi Soup Spice, North African Essence, Moroccan Elixir, Algerian Aromatics, Sahara Soup Symphony