Heather Flower

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Heather Flower, also known as Calluna vulgaris, is a floral treasure found commonly in the moorlands and heathlands of Europe. Its vibrant purple flowers, once dried, maintain an earthy charm that brings a wild, rustic note to various uses. Distinct for its tiny bell-shaped blossoms and compact clusters, dried Heather Flower encapsulates the raw beauty of nature, both visually and through its subtle, sweet aroma.

In culinary contexts, dried Heather Flower is often used to infuse drinks, providing a unique flavor profile to beverages like tea, craft beers, and even mead. It's been traditionally used to enhance the taste of these drinks, lending a slightly sweet, delicate floral undertone that is both refreshing and invigorating.

Moreover, dried Heather Flower holds a significant place in the world of natural wellness. It is appreciated in holistic practices for its supposed health-supportive properties. Beyond this, its aesthetic appeal makes it a popular choice in decorative crafts, potpourri, and floral arrangements. The dried Heather Flower, with its array of uses and stunning natural beauty, is a testament to the rich offerings of our natural world.

Botanical Name: Calluna vulgaris

Also known as: Common Heather, Fraoch, Broom Heather, Brendolo, Breyo, Ling, Brande, Scotch Heather, Beitilyng,  زهرة هيذر, Ling, Scotch Heather, Common Heather, Ling Heather, Heather Bell, Heather Blossom, Heather-bell, Heather-blossom, Heather-bush, Heatherling, Ling, Heatherette, Heath, Heather Plant, Bell Heather, Heather Shrub, Heather Stray, Ling Heather, Scots Heather, Fraoch, Froach, Hether, Ling Plant, Heather Moorland, Erica vulgaris, Erica cinerea