Hops Flower

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Hops flower, known scientifically as Humulus lupulus, is a versatile botanical ingredient recognized for its unique characteristics. It's easily identifiable with its cone-like structure and a color palette ranging from green to yellow. Hops flower is notable for its distinctive bitter flavor profile, as well as its array of aromas that can span from floral and citrusy to more earthy notes depending on the variety.

In the realm of herbal medicine, hops flowers are appreciated for their potential soothing properties and their purported ability to promote restful sleep. These uses tap into centuries of tradition and reflect the plant's rich history in natural wellness practices.

Beyond medicinal usage, hops flowers are beginning to find their place in innovative culinary applications. These blossoms can provide intriguing flavors and textures to various dishes, acting as an adventurous ingredient in the hands of experimental chefs. Further extending its versatility, hops flower also finds application in non-food products, such as natural skincare items, demonstrating the multifaceted capabilities of this intriguing botanical.

Botanical Name: Humulus lupulus

Also known as: Hops flower, Humulus lupulus, Hopfen, Houblon, Lupulo, Lúpulo, Houblon commun, Humle, Omoa, Ombú, Bine, Vřes, Chmel, Chmiel, Szőlőcserje, Luppolo, Humulus, Chmiel zwyczajny, Šišák chmelový, Kvindehan, Wilder Hopfen, Хмель, Hmelyu, Хмел, Hopfenblüte, and Yabani şerbetçiotu, Willow wolf, Common Hops, Lupulo, Hopfen, Houblon , زهرة القفزات, گل رازک