Horsetail Herb

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Horsetail, also known as Equisetum arvense, is a herb revered in both historical and contemporary holistic practices. Renowned for its unique physical characteristics, this ancient plant sports tall, reed-like stalks and a pattern reminiscent of a horse's tail. Dehydrated horsetail retains its valuable properties and offers a versatile ingredient that can be used in various applications.

In its dried form, horsetail manifests an earthy, slightly bitter flavor, and is frequently incorporated into herbal teas. When steeped, it yields a soothing brew believed to possess a variety of healthful properties. This perennial plant is celebrated in herbal medicine, often recognized for its high silica content and potential benefits to bone and skin health.

In addition to its use as a tea, dried horsetail herb also features in topical applications, from skin care products to hair tonics, thanks to its reputed mineral-rich composition. It serves as a testament to the remarkable adaptability and utility of nature's offerings. Whether enjoyed as a comforting brew or utilized in personal care routines, dried horsetail herb brings a touch of ancient wellness practices into the modern era.

Botanical Name: Equisetum arvense

Also known as: Common horsetail, Horse pipes, Horse willow, Horsetail grass, Western horsetail, Snake grass, Foxtail, Mare's tail, Jointed Rush, Shavegrass, Ashwa pucha, Soksae, Sugina, Field Horsetail, Toadpipe, Rasperella, Ravrumpa, Zinngras, Zinnkraut, Queue de rat, Queue de renard, Wen ching, Belcho, ذيل الحصان, دم‌اسب صحرایی, puzzlegrass, bottle brush, scouring rush, pewterwort, shavegrass, equisetum, field horsetail, Dutch rushes, jointed rush, paddock-pipes