Icelandic Moss

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Dried Icelandic Moss, scientifically known as Cetraria islandica, is a remarkable natural product treasured for its unique properties in both culinary and traditional medicinal applications. Hailing from the harsh yet beautiful landscapes of Iceland, this lichen thrives in the cold, arctic climate, resulting in a resilient and versatile ingredient. Its complex, slightly bitter flavor is tempered when properly prepared, lending a subtly earthy note to various dishes.

Icelandic Moss has been used in Iceland's gastronomy for centuries, as it provides a flavorful twist to traditional soups and stews, imparting a unique texture and taste. Moreover, it has found its way into the creation of intriguing dishes in modern cuisine, displaying its culinary adaptability.

Apart from its culinary uses, dried Icelandic Moss also holds an esteemed place in folk medicine, where it has been traditionally used for respiratory health and to soothe the digestive system. It is often brewed into teas or incorporated into supplements, further highlighting its versatile applications. Dried Icelandic Moss is truly a testament to the fascinating and diverse bounty nature offers, even in the most challenging environments.

Botanical Name: Cetraria islandica

Also known as: Icelandic Moss, Cetraria islandica, Fjallagras, Fjallavetriljós, Frumsli, Islandsk mos, Kramlav, Lungsíld, Lungsíla, Lungwort, Rökkurófifi, Vetrarmos, Vadikarfi, Hjúpur, Moosbeere, Islandsk lav, Islandia, Rosal, Rosalía, Rosolía, and Rundbarr, Shaileya, Svinmasa, Stagno, Charela, Matmasa, Iceland Liver Wort, Lichen d'Islande, Liquen de islandia, الطحلب الأيسلندي , خزه ایسلندی