Kabseh Spice

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Venture into the aromatic realms of Middle Eastern and Mediterranean culinary traditions with Kabseh Spice. This exquisite spice blend opens the doors to a vivid world of flavor, coloring dishes with its exotic vibrancy and warming essence. Widely celebrated as the crown jewel in crafting the beloved rice dish, Kabseh, which hails from the sandy and historic landscapes of Saudi Arabia, Kabseh Spice is a cherished symphony of meticulously chosen spices.

Woven into this melody are the golden hues of turmeric, carrying whispers of earthy bitterness and subtle echoes of ginger, painting every dish with its vibrant tones. Coriander dances through with sweet and citrusy notes, swaying gently with the pungent warmth and subtle fires of black pepper. Black cardamom enters the ensemble with its smoky essence and sweet allure, closely followed by ginger, spreading its warm and spicy arms. Fennel concludes the performance with its enchanting licorice-like sweetness, serenading the senses with its delightful charm.

Together, these spices entwine in a harmonious ballet, filling kitchens with an intoxicating fragrance and casting a spell of Middle Eastern allure on an array of dishes. From the comforting embrace of rice pilafs and stews to the robust charm of roasted meats and vegetables, Kabseh Spice is a vessel of culinary magic, enchanting each recipe with its rich tapestry of flavors.

As a marinade or rub, Kabseh Spice unfurls its aromatic wings, inviting a delightful Middle Eastern twist to grilled and roasted symphonies, serenading the senses with its authentic warmth and exotic radiance.

In the heart of every discerning home cook’s spice collection, Kabseh Spice resides as a treasure, a gateway to a garden of Middle Eastern flavors, waiting to blossom in every inspired dish.

Also known as: kabsa, كبسة, Middle Eastern Rice Spice, Arabic Spice Blend, Gulf Spice Mix, Arabian Biryani Spice