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Introducing our Kamarkas, also known as Flame of the Forest, a distinctive herb derived from the Butea monosperma tree, native to tropical and subtropical parts of the Indian Subcontinent. This unique herbal product, obtained from the tree's resinous gum, is celebrated in various traditional practices for its health benefits and culinary uses.

Kamarkas is characterized by its deep red or orange color and its slightly acrid yet sweet taste. In culinary applications, it's often used in Indian cooking, particularly in the preparation of certain traditional dishes where it imparts its unique flavor and acts as a natural thickening agent. Its presence in dishes is not only for flavoring but also for its believed health benefits, such as providing energy and improving bone strength.

In traditional medicine, Kamarkas is revered for its toning properties, particularly for muscles and the female reproductive system. It has been used historically as a postpartum tonic, helping in the recovery and strengthening of the body after childbirth. Additionally, Kamarkas is believed to have anti-inflammatory properties, making it beneficial in managing joint and muscular pain.

Kamarkas holds a special place in cultural and health practices, often being incorporated into health supplements and herbal formulations. Its use extends to various natural remedies, reflecting the long-standing tradition of harnessing nature's bounty for wellness.

Our Kamarkas is more than just a herb; it's a link to ancient health practices, bringing the benefits of traditional herbal wisdom into contemporary life.

Also known as: Flame of the Forest, Palash, Dhak, Tesu, Butea Gum, पलाश, ढाक, कमरकस, گم کمرکس.