Kamarkas Powder

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Introducing our Kamarkas Powder, a finely milled version of the resinous gum from the Butea monosperma tree, commonly known as Flame of the Forest. This herbal powder is deeply rooted in the traditional practices of the Indian Subcontinent, where it is valued for both its culinary and medicinal properties.

Kamarkas Powder is distinguished by its vibrant red or orange hue and a distinctive flavor profile that is slightly acrid yet sweet. In culinary contexts, it's often incorporated into Indian cuisine, particularly in the preparation of regional specialties. It serves as a natural thickening agent, imparting its unique flavor and color to dishes, while also contributing to their nutritional value. This powder is especially popular in certain traditional recipes where it's used for its health-promoting benefits, such as energizing the body and strengthening bones.

In the realm of traditional medicine, Kamarkas Powder is renowned for its toning effects, particularly benefiting muscles and the female reproductive system. Historically, it has been utilized as a postpartum tonic, aiding in the recovery and fortification of the body after childbirth. Furthermore, its anti-inflammatory properties make it a useful ingredient in managing joint and muscular discomfort.

Our Kamarkas Powder offers a convenient way to incorporate the benefits of the Flame of the Forest into daily life. Whether used in culinary creations or as part of a health regimen, this powder is a testament to the enduring value of natural herbal remedies.

Also known as: Flame of the Forest Powder, Palash Powder, Dhak Powder, Tesu Powder, Butea Gum Powder, पलाश पाउडर, ढाक पाउडर, کمرکس پاؤڈر.