Kebab Koobiedeh Spice

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Elevate your culinary journey with the exquisite Ameen Spice Mix, impeccably curated to breathe life into the iconic Persian dish, Kabob Koobideh. This enchanting blend captures the very soul of Persian cuisine, turning ground lamb, beef, or a delightful combination of both, into a mesmerizing feast for the senses, perfectly complemented by the juiciness of grated onions and an orchestra of spices.

Each ingredient in the Ameen Spice Mix plays a significant role in crafting the signature allure of Kabob Koobideh. Cumin seeds the blend with a warm and earthy presence, subtly grounding the other flavors. Turmeric graces the mix with a vibrant color and an exotic, earthy aroma, invoking the spirit of Persian marketplaces. Cinnamon introduces a delicate warmth and sweetness, weaving a tapestry of comfort and complexity.

Allspice ignites a spark of the Middle Eastern essence, with its deep, warm, and aromatic characteristics. Cayenne pepper surges through the blend with a bold, spicy heat, awakening the senses to the depths of flavors. Black pepper subtly enhances the blend with its timeless, pungent charm, while sumac bestows a tangy and lemony brightness, celebrating the zest of Persian culinary traditions.

Nutmeg enriches the blend with its warm and spicy sweetness, adding another layer of luxurious aroma. Paprika crowns the blend with a sweet-to-mild heat, generously offering its vibrant hue and smoky undertones.

The Ameen Spice Mix, perfect for crafting the beloved Kabob Koobideh, stands as a testament to the rich tapestry of Persian culinary artistry, ensuring each kabob is not just cooked but celebrated for its delightful symphony of flavors.

Also known as: Kebab Koobideh Spice Mix, Kabab Kubideh Seasoning, Persian Kebab Spice, کباب کوبیده (Kabob Koobideh), Kubideh Spice